Cabinet Hardware

Bass reflex port tubes, Hi power series.

BR/HP50 Diameter 50mm length 145mm

BR/HP50 Diameter 50mm length 180mm

BR/HP70 Diameter 70 mm length 160mm

BR/HP70/220 Diameter 70mm length 220mm

BR/HP100/200 Diameter 100mm length 200mm


Jet Set. Three-piece port tube sets.

Screw mounted front flared flange, middle pipe, and

Flared internal flange.

Cut middle pipe to desired length.

A right-angle joiner is available for middle pipe.

Available in 50mm, 70mm, and 100mm.

Grill Clips

Large ball and socket type.

Small barrier and socket type.


Binding Post Terminal.

42mm - 2 x Red, 2 x Black

30mm - 2 x Red, 2 x Black

Barrier Terminal Strip, Covered. 

Available in 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 positions in 2 rows.

For that professional looking Crossover board.

Also available tag strips in small and large. 

Crossover Boards

Hide the hardwiring of crossovers underneath

these attractive boards.  Accepts up to 1.7mm

leads, drill out for larger leads.

Available in pairs. 

Colors – Red, Blue, White, and Black.

Speaker Grille Cloth 1.5m X 1.0m